About Me:

My name is Dr. Karin Perry and I’m an Assistant Professor at Sam Houston State University in the Department of Library Science. I live with my husband on 29 acres and even though we’ve been married 18years, the only child we have is Max (a 3-year-old female Chihuahua).

 About This Blog:

I started reading E-books a couple of years ago, but finally just caught the fever.  I decided I would highlight my experiences and gained information about this expanding area of literature on a blog devoted to "electronic" books.  I will highlight both E-books and Audiobooks.

I read most of my E-Books on my iPad Mini.

For Audiobooks I use Audible.com and my public library and use my iPod. 

UPDATE August 2013 - I am revamping this blog a bit to include apps and tech tools to use in education. Once especially that I can see a connection with reading and literature.